Antique Classic Car Insurance

Am I Eligible?

•Eligible drivers must have at least 9 years driving experience and a great driving record. Every licensed driver within your household should have a separate, properly-insured, acceptable automobile readily available for their exclusive normal everyday use. All drivers should be reported.

•The exotic or Antique Classic Car Insurance you would like to insure with us is utilized on a restricted pleasure-only basis. It is actually not utilised for commuting (unless an Occasional Commuting Endorsement is bought), shop errands or related normal-daily-use activities.

•You keep the exotic or classic insurance in a completely enclosed and locked garage when its at house. In particular high-risk locations, a hidden transmitter alarm may perhaps be required for some high-value, late-model exotic automobiles.

Is my car eligible?

If you use your classic to a limited extent, our Agreed Amount classic car insurance program is developed especially for you personally. Your classic car should be a private-passenger style automobile regarded as collectible in nature.

What fits into our concept of a classic vehicle?

•Exotics -- brand-new and old favorites

•Muscle automobiles

•Antique autos from a bygone era

•Sports cars of all ages

•Street Rods and Hot Rods

•Kit Automobiles


•Classic and collectible cars, uncommon or simply desirable

•Modifications to the vehicle are generally acceptable but have to be fully disclosed. Modifications might add value for the vehicle.

Frequently speaking we can't insure automobiles that

•are employed off-road (off-road capable autos kept in stock/show high quality which are not employed off-road are still eligible)

•are applied for camping (some classic cars - i.e. Westies - that happen to be not utilised for camping are nonetheless eligible)

•are lifted (involves off road capable and street autos a.k.a. 'donks')

•are fitted with wheels that use 'skinny' low aspect-ratio tires (30-series or much less) - unless the car was fitted with them as original equipment. Make contact with us for achievable exceptions on a overall performance auto.

As you could see we think that a Classic is usually lots of points. Chances are, for those who love it and care for it we'll cover it.

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The above will not be each and every feasible question answered, but is a very good basic outline. Please speak to us when you have any questions that we have not already covered.